Find your part-time job for the 2021-22 season today!

"Gamedays are so exciting and so much fun!" "I love working with my peeps and my supervisor is great." "You can't beat the game day atmosphere. It's so cool!" "Working nights is perfect for my schedule. And it's a lot of fun." "The Ralph is a great place for a job. I'm appreciated and have fun working with my friends."

Simply put, our part-time workforce is a great group that works hard and has a fun time doing so. From high school and college students, to those looking for extra cash or just a fun job on the weekends, to semi and fully retired, we have a diverse group and a wide range of part-time job opportunities.

Many of our staff work here to be with their friends while making extra money. Many appreciate the flexible schedule and working games and events at night. Everybody loves the gameday atmosphere. It's electric!

New this season, Friday night hockey games start at 7pm and Saturday games start at 6pm. You'll be done with work with plenty of time to meet up with friends, watch your favorite shows or tuck your kids into bed.

You ready? We're now hiring for concessions, guest services, custodial and the Sioux Shop for the upcoming 2021-22 season. Let's get started - CLICK HERE