7ELEMENT Luncheon

Friday, October 29th

11:30-1:30pm at The Patron Platinum Club inside Bridgestone Arena

Only 136 tickets available

Proceeds benefit 7ELEMENT

$92 ticket price includes:

  • Grand buffet meal featuring Nashville and southern favorites
  • Brad Schlossman and Alex Heinert provide a full Hockey Hall of Fame game preview.
  • 7Element co-founder Brian Baily speaks on his 20+ year career in the armed forces and how 7Element came to be. Followed by a Q&A.
  • Silent auction

"Brian Bailey is one of the most impressive individuals that I have ever had a chance to interact with. The 7Element Athletic Fund and the veteran hockey program that he and others have created in Nashville is a remarkable program. It is incredible to see how they are using the game of hockey to enrich lives and literally heal those who need a helping hand.

The 2021 U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Game in Nashville is going to be a great event  and the 7Element luncheon is a perfect fit for our event and our fans. We want to leave something behind when we return to North Dakota and we’re proud to partner with 7Element to make sure that our fans have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in Nashville when we all head for home at the end of the weekend. Brian Bailey and his colleagues are the type of people who have literally gone above and beyond in their service to our country and they deserve our support”

Jody Hodgson, REA General Manager

7ELEMENT Mission

7Element's mission is to provide a healthy mental outlet for our members, a sense of purpose to our members and to close the civilian/ military divide. 7Element uses the power of sports to provide a place for members to feel as though they are needed and to provide a median to close the division between those who sacrifice for our communities and the people who live in those communities.

7Element plans to complete its mission by helping relieve the financial burden that is associated with many sports. Whether through league fees or by providing sporting equipment, 7Element is dedicated to getting our members involved in the sport of their choice.