2023 North Dakota Hockey Weight Room Renovation

New State-of-the-Art Strength and Conditioning Room

  • 12,500 square foot strength and conditioning room completely renovated in 2022, including all new equipment
  • Includes a 1,400 square-foot High Altitude training room, one of the largest High Altitude sports performance training rooms in the world
  • Approximately 20,000 pounds of Sorinex free weights
  •  8 Sorinex racks with jammer arms and recovery stations
  • 2,500 square feet of indoor turf area for sprints and plyometrics
  • Approximately 12,000 square feet of Mondo Valor flooring
  • 24 exercise bikes and 12 elliptical machines
  • 2 shooting lanes in an enclosed 1,000 square-foot mini rink with synthetic ice (including 2 face-off stations)
  • Fully stocked fueling station with equipment and products for student-athlete nutrition
  • 2 Oxefit machines with computer vision form tracking and advanced training modes with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) strength training platform
  • 12 Keiser machines that safely build strength at any speed, which is the key to building maximum power (Force x Velocity). Keiser resistance machines enable you to develop power, and power is the key to performance.
  • 2 True Movement platforms designed to enhance performance and increase mobility
  • 4 Woodway Treadmills
  • 12 Desmotec Fly-Wheel Machines for powerful performance and injury prevention
  •  2 Kangatech Isometric Testing Machines
  • 2 1080 Sprint Resistance Machines
  • Theragun Station

Brand New State-of-the-Art Recovery Room

  • New 1,500 square-foot Recovery Room built in 2022
  • 500 square foot sleep room exclusively for Men’s Hockey student-athletes
  • Cryotherapy Chamber
  • 2 Red Light Therapy Beds
  • 4 Massage Chairs
  • 4 Zero Gravity Dry Float Beds
  • 4 Normatec Beds