Your group can work at the Ralph to raise funds for your charitable organization!

Opportunities exist for concessions and cleaning inside Ralph Engelstad Arena and Betty Engelstad Sioux Center. To get started, please fill out the request form and we'll get back to you shortly.

For additional information or questions - email

Non-Profit Group Information

The Ralph can help your group reach Are you part of a non-profit group looking to fundraise? Ralph Engelstad Arena has options to help you reach your goals in a fun and exciting sports environment. We have options in concessions and cleaning that can get your group to the goal line and meet those fundraising needs. 

Why Fundraise at REA?

  • No selling pizza, popcorn, or cookies door to door.
  • No gathering car wash supplies and finding a spot to wash cars.
  • No uncertainty on how much you will raise.
  • Know exactly what you will make before you start.
  • All supplies and tools provided, just show up.
  • Work in a fun environment.
  • Food discount when working in concessions.

Bonus options available

Just sign your group up and help sell great food to world class sports fans or help return the Ralph and Betty to their world class appearance after an event. Concessions has openings for hockey games. The more games your group works, the more you make. Cleaning has openings for hockey games and Betty events, with bonus options.

Want to earn even more money in one night? Ask about options to help concessions and cleaning in the same night. These options include a bonus payment along with pizza and pop for your group. If we have your attention and want to sign up before all the openings are taken, or for more detailed information, please contact: