Looking for ice time? Rent the REA Main or Olympic ice sheets!

Rates (per hour)

  • Main Arena: (NHL: 200’ x 85’) $390
  • Olympic Arena: (200' x 100') $240 |  Summer rate: $200

$150/hour rental fee for audio. Tournaments +$50/hour. Rental+ +$50/hour (large group rental on main rink. group with a lot of spectators, or three or more ice times - security and other staffing would be required).

Summer rates start April 1st and go through Labor Day.


All rental fees and signed agreements are due in full no later than 2 weeks after placing hold, or a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the rental date, if under 1 month.  Rentals placed within the 2 week period are subject to approval.

If payment and the signed agreement are not received in advance, renter will not be allowed to use the ice time.

An additional $50/hour (including floods in between) will be charged for a rental plus or a tournament.

Rental Fee Includes

  • 1 locker room 
  • 2 hockey nets 
  • 1 ice resurfacing prior to rental scoreboard usage (upon request)


  • All clients are required to sign a contract prior to the rental date 
  • Players are required to wear helmets in competitive hockey games 
  • There will be no access to the sound system (including use of microphone) 
  • No outside food and beverages are allowed on the premises (including alcoholic beverages) 
  • Overnight storage is not allowed 
  • If renter cancels ice rental within one week prior to rental date, the renter is required to pay for 100% of the rental fee

Rental, Rental Plus or Tournament

  • A Rental is 1 or 2 ice times* per day.
  • A Rental+ is considered to be 3 or more ice times per day, unless it is a contracted seasonal rental. Billing shall be reflected for these rentals by adding an additional $50 to the hourly cost of the rental/s. Security will be required at these events.
  • A Tournament is a group of rental hours where multiple games will be played, requiring 3 or more ice times. An additional $50/hour will be assessed and a tournament contract generated.
  • Duration of 1 ice time is generally 60-90 minutes.

For additional information concerning availability and booking, please contact:

Karen Schuler
Ice Rental Coordinator

Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM.