Facility Personnel

  • Jody Hodgson, General Manager 701.777.6633
  • AnnMarie Lane, Manager of Booking & Special Events 701.777.6609
  • Heather Reardon, Box Office Manager 701.777.4694
  • John Martens, Marketing Director 701.777.0833
  • Jason Carlson, Merchandise Manager 701.777.4594
  • Jamie Lunski, Production & Stage Manager 701.777.4774
  • Telephone: 701.777.6609
  • Fax: 701.777.6643
  • Website: www.theralph.com

Building Specifications

  • Seating Capacity Hockey seating: 11,700
  • Basketball Seating: 12,100
  • Concert Seating: up to 13,000 Stadium seat is leather padded with cherry wood arms accompanied by a drink caddy.

Floor Dimensions

  • Main Arena Floor Size is 200’ X 85’ (17,000 sq. ft.)
  • Ice Floor Covering
  • A portable insulated arena deck covering is provided from Space Age Synthetics.

Stage Dimensions

  • Stage Right Staging
  • ME.500 Stage: 60’ w x 40’ with 12' x 20' Wings Skirting, Guard Rails, Chair rails.
  • ADA Ramp 0".48" Height

Dressing Rooms/Locker Rooms

There are (8) dressing room available for event use. All rooms are located on the west side ice level and have lockers, showers, and restroom facilities.

Locker rooms 1,2,5,6 are approximately 1,060 sq. ft.

Locker rooms 3 & 4 are approximately 1,700 sq. ft.

Locke room 8 is approximately 2,200 sq. ft.

Officials Locker Room is approximately 210 Sq. ft.

Technical Information

  • Electrical Power USC (1) – 1200 amp 120/208 volt (3) phase disconnect
  • USC (1) – 800 amp 120/208 volt (3) phase disconnect, 2 sets of comloks
  • USC (1) – 400 amp 120/208 volt (3) phase disconnect, 1 set of comloks 
  • USC (1) – 200 amp 120/208 volt (3) phase disconnect
  • Power on each spotlight platform, 4 total
  • (2) 30 amp 250 volt for spotlights
  • (1) Edison duplex outlet 20 amps each
  • Bus Parking Area – (8) – 50amp 120/220volt 4 wire
  • Video Truck (2) 400 amp 120/208 volt, 3 phase panel


  • Ralph Engelstad Arena has various lighting systems

    • (108) Full LED Sport Lights for instant blackout capabilities

    • Special effect lighting

      • (18) Martin Mac Quantum Profiles

      • (16) Martin Mac Aura XBs

      • (16) Martin Atomic 3000 LEDs

  • Spot Lights

    • (6) Xenon Gladiators III’s

      • (4) North

      • (2) South

      • Intelligent Lights


Laser Lights Laser Fantasy International’s Infinity 1000 YAG Laser System

  • The latest advance in mid power laser display technology 4 units in the four corners. 

  • Project your name, logo, message or animation.

  • The projection unit features high.speed scanning to greatly reduce flicker, so images appear more solid than the other systems.

Spot Lights (4) Xenon Gladiator III’s

  • (4) spotlight platforms in the corners of the arena.

  • (2) Additional locations may be used at the suite level.

Loading Dock

  • Two truck docks in southwest corner on main concourse level.
  • Ice level access for buses and semi trucks.
  • Inside parking available for up to two busses.
  • Door dimensions: 18’ (w) x 14’ (h).

Floor Loading capacity

  • Concourse 100 lbs/square foot Arena 6" reinforced ice slab
  • Trucks/vehicle parking available in is secure parking lot approximately 10,000 square feet; capable of accommodating two tractor trailers and five buses.

House Equipment

  • (1) 5,000 lbs. capacity forklift with 3 lift stages
  • (1) 3,900 lbs capacity with 3 lift stages 
  • (2) pallet jacks
  • (6) 2 wheel dollies
  • (6) 4 wheel carts

Telephone Service

Telephone service is available at the stage, office and dressing room areas.

Headset System

  • Patchable clear com system with 2 interfaces units and a 2 wire adaptor (for Telco interface).
  • 40 Com Locations
  • 12 Single Channel Clear Com Belt packs and Headsets

Scoreboard and Fascia Ring

  • Daktronics Center hung video scoreboard
    • Center hung is 15.5’ wide x 34’ height (6.7 Million pixels)
      • Full 360° wrap = 720p x 624p
      • (4) Full 720 HD images
      • (4) 280p x 720p corner wedges
    • (2) video panels above club lounges 9’ wide x 31.5’ height
  • 900’ 360 degree LED video fascia ring (10mm resolution)
  • (34) LED Portal signs (10mm resolution)
  • Two Color video marquees are located outside the facility on the property.
  • The marquee along Gateway Dr. has a 17' x 23' double-faced sign.
  • Located along Columbia Rd., there is a second double-faced marquee with 6' x 7' sign.

Video & Audio Production

  • In-house video production available: (6) HD Cameras, (32) input Ross Switcher, (2) 4-channel instant replay systems
  • Internet web casting
  • (9) camera locations wired with Triax and LC Fibers, Coax and Audio to 2 Truck pedestal and house media control room

Sound System

  • JBL sound system includes 6 speaker cluster locations and a delay ring for the upper level seating.
  • Speakers at the building entrances and concourses for welcome messages, public address and bowl sound.
  • Suites have individual systems with TV, CD, Tuner and bowl input.


Rigging capacity: 100,000 lbs Low Steel is 75’ High Steel is 105’

Download pdf file of Rigging Layout: Grand Forks- Arena Map (rigging plot only)-Model.pdf

In House Services


Ralph Engelstad Arena, Inc. is available to assist you with the numerous details involved to successfully market your event. We can provide information for the production and placement of print and electronic advertising. For a negotiated fee (based on time, labor, and expenses) Ralph Engelstad Arena, Inc. can also assist with promotions, public relations and publicity needed to ensure ticket sales.


Mandatory Use of Logo When placing advertising for events at Ralph Engelstad Arena, the tenant is required to use the Ralph Engelstad Arena logo. Ralph Engelstad Arena, Inc. will provide digital artwork.

Box Office/Ticketing

Tickets to Ralph Engelstad Arena events are available at the REA Box Office and additional outlets.

The Ralph Engelstad Arena Box Office hours are Monday-Friday 10 AM – 6 PM, these hours are seasonal and are subject to change. For assistance with ticketing, please call Heather Reardon, Box Office Manager 701.777.4694.


Merchandise services are available through the REA Sioux Shop as well as throughout the arena concourses. All rates and arrangements may be made through Jason Carlson, Merchandise Manager 701.777.4594.


All food, beverages and concessions are operated and controlled by Ralph Engelstad Arena. Ralph Engelstad Arena will determine the number of stands required to serve the public. All arrangements for serving food and beverages, and all sales of concessions are to be made through Chris Lauber, Concessions Manager 701.777.3105.


All catering arrangements for serving back stage food and beverages are to be made through Julie Frey, Suites & Catering Manager 701.777.0836.

Security and Safety

Permits Lessee must notify Ralph Engelstad Arena, Inc. of any pyrotechnics, animals, lasers or parking needs at least fifteen business days prior to move in.

First Aid

First aid Center ambulance has five minute emergency response time. Search Procedures Mandatory searches for every event.


Parking Map

  • On-site capacity is 1,370.
  • Off-site capacity is 1,000.

​Traffic Impact Exit Plan

  • Ralph Engelstad Arena Drive and Gateway Dr.: Four lanes; two lanes turning east, two lanes exiting west.
  • 10th and Columbia: two lanes; one lane exits to the north the second lane crosses Columbia road to the east.
  • 6th Ave N and Hamline: all traffic turns east to Columbia road.
  • 6th Ave N and Cambridge: traffic exits south.
  • 6th Ave N and Oxford: two lanes; one lane exits to the south, one lane exits to the west.