General Parking Information

  • Parking lots are monitored by REA and UND parking personnel on a limited basis during UND athletic events held at the Betty Engelstad Sioux Center (BESC) and Ralph Engelstad Arena (REA).
  • UND parking lots not specified below require a valid UND student or faculty/staff parking permit.
  • Vehicles parked in these lots without such permits will be issued parking tickets.
  • Champions Club members displaying the proper parking pass will be allowed to park in the priority parking lots on the premises of the REA and BESC.
  • You are responsible for the permit issued to you, no other identification is acceptable.
  • Please properly display the parking pass (passes should be hung from the rearview mirror with the front of the tag facing out).
  • Kelly/Cenex Lots: Emerald, Diamond, Directors, Suite Holder, Club Seat Holder
  • Simplot Lots: Coaches General Admission parking in lot #10 (located north of UND’s Memorial Stadium) is prohibited unless you have a valid UND student or faculty/staff parking permit.
  • Violators will be ticketed. University Village parking is for patrons of these businesses only and will be monitored for proper usage and time limits.
  • Champions Club Members as directed by parking personnel.
  • Accessible parking space is available on all levels of parking on the premises.
  • A valid handicap parking permit must be displayed on your vehicle.
  • Please check with parking staff upon arrival for directions to the nearest available accessible parking site.
  • Spaces are limited and fill up quickly so please arrive early.
  • Northside Cafe ($15/ vehicle) & and nearby UND lots (see UND Hockey section) will offer paid patron parking for UND events held within the REA Main Arena unless otherwise noted. 
  • Designated ride-share drop-off and pick-up location is located at the Southwest entrance.

UND men’s hockey parking information

There is no general admission parking on REA premises, however, UND operates various general admission parking lots off-site- see map below.

For more information visit the Parking Services website or call 701.777.3551

  1. $20/vehicle at the UND parking lot directly east of the UND Wellness Center.
  2. $10/vehicle at the UND parking lot on Harvard St. behind Archives Coffee Shop.
  3. $15/vehicle in the lot located behind Northside Cafe (formerly Albatross) on Ralph Engelstad Arena Drive
  4. $10/vehicle at the UND parking lot located near the medical school.

Northside Cafe ($15/ vehicle) will offer paid patron parking for UND events held within the main arena unless otherwise noted. Patrons wishing to drop off fans may do so only on the East side main entrance of the Ralph Engelstad Arena.

For more information regarding parking on the UND campus please click here.

* Note: there is no UND shuttle from Columbia parking ramp to REA this season.

2021-22 REA Event Parking.jpg

Business Shuttles (men’s hockey only)

Business shuttles are run and operated independently by participating businesses - check with your favorite establishment for shuttle confirmation.

Business shuttle drop off and pick up is at the REA main entrance and at the east doors.

Betty Engelstad Sioux Center Parking Information:

There is limited general admission parking on REA premises.

UND operates limited general admission parking lots off-site for basketball: - $10/vehicle at the UND parking lot directly east of the UND Wellness Center. During UND Volleyball matches at the BESC, parking lots are not monitored by REA/UND parking personnel.

Northside Cafe (North of REA) will not offer patron parking for UND events at BESC, unless otherwise noted. The UND parking ramp is available for patron parking; please note that a shuttle service to the arena will not be provided. Patrons wishing to drop off fans may do so on 10th Ave. West, in front of the BESC main lobby.

Non-UND Event Parking

During non-UND events, the majority of parking lots are open to the public. However, club and suite ticket holders have secured parking. Please avoid attempting to enter any protected lots unless you are permitted to do so. When entering REA, please follow the directions given by the parking attendants. Please direct any questions or comments you may have to a parking attendant or supervisor. Every effort will be made to find you a parking spot in the lot of your choice. Please refer to the event page for detailed parking information.

Ride Share - Uber, Lyft, etc.

The designated drop-off and pick-up location for rider share services, including Uber and Lyft, is located on the east side of the arena on the plaza.  View Map for details.

Student Bus Shuttle/UND Hockey

New for the 2021-22 Hockey Season, a student bus running from Wilkerson Dining Center to the REA Student Entrance/SW Doors.

UND Student Bus Schedule 202122.jpg